Design Support

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From Concept to Mock-up to Reality – the Design Development Process

As a complimentary service, Fountain People Inc. offers complete design support to Landscape Architects and Architects. From basic engineering and budgeting to sophisticated testing and development, Fountain People is without peer.

Design professionals who select the Fountain People avail themselves of a variety of complimentary services. These include,

  • - Water feature electro-mechanical design and water treatment engineering
  • - A list of the specialized components required for the design
  • - Water, electric, and waste water requirements
  • - Schematic piping and electrical drawings
  • - Installation details (drawings) for product components on the equipment list
  • - A budget estimate for mechanical and electrical equipment

In addition to our basic complimentary services, Fountain People offer a full spectrum of specialized services for larger or more sophisticated projects, such as,

  • - Mock-up Testing
  • - Custom product development
  • - Special effect design

The Fountain People provide the Single Source Responsibility that ensures the long-term success of a quality water feature.

The Evolution of a Unique Water Feature Design battery bosque img

Battery Bosque is the park that greets you as you ride the Staten Island Ferry past the Statue of Liberty to the southern tip of Manhattan. It’s a beautiful setting filled with flowers, groves of trees (“bosques”), and this dynamic fountain. The area was once a mostly paved area that didn’t encourage one to linger. It now draws people from the office towers and the ferry with its sounds of splashing water, laughing children and picnicing New Yorkers. Saratoga Associates, working with The Battery Conservancy, picked the perfect grotto within the bosque to give the feeling of being surrounded by the trees with a wonderful view across the Hudson. The fountain and park effectively say “Welcome to America”.

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