Station Park

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Looking to provide one of the most unique retail experiences in the the state of Utah, the developers at CenterCal turned to Outside The Lines, Inc. (OTL), a leader in the theming industry for design and construction, to take their property to the next level. Station Park was already the home to approximately eight hundred thousand square feet of retail, entertainment, restaurant, hotel, and office space. To complete CenterCal’s vision, OTL enlisted the resources of Fountain People, Inc to collaborate on a state-of-the-art fountain that exemplifies the core brand of Station Park. This new and unique family experience is the culmination of 6 years of hard work and outside the box thinking.

Here at Fountain People, we were able to help the client’s vision come to life through the use of robotics, cutting-edge LED lighting technology, and unrivaled client support. The result is a color-oriented choreographed fountain that reinforces Station Park’s brand for a truly unique guest experience.

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