Custom Skids

custom skid

• Fully factory assembled and delivered to the project ready for installation.
• Standard skid width 32” to allow access through 3’-0” doors.
• All welded steel construction finished with an industrial coating system.
• Incorporates system valves and manifolds.
• Pre-wired Motor Starters and Disconnects.

Pumping Stations:
• Single and dual pump configurations.
• Flooded end suction and self-priming pumps.

Filtration/Water Treatment Stations:
• Sand or Cartridge filters including pumps.
• Incorporates system valves and manifolds.

• Stainless steel skid construction.
• Hot dip galvanized skid construction.
• Stainless steel manifolds and piping.
• Copper manifolds and piping.
• Water Treatment Systems.
• Water Fill Stations.

Where an equipment room is available Fountain People Skids provide a modular solution to equipment installation. Using only the best components, they set the industry standard for quality construction.

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