The F Series 12 Volt fixture is a cast bronze light designed for energy consumption up to 300 Watts. This Freestanding light is UL listed for underwater applications, and offers 90 degrees of angular adjustment on a 360 degree axis, making it ideally suited for fountains, and streams.


Fixture Body: Cast bronze with brass cord compression seal.
Rock Guard: Cast bronze, integral to face ring.
Yoke/Base: Cast bronze with red brass riser. 90° angular adjustment on a 360° axis.
Wiring: Furnished with ten feet of 10-3 Type STOW submersible cord; entry is totally
encapsulated in an epoxy compound.
Socket: Screw terminal.
Lamp: Per chart. Supplied separately, add suffix -LP to catalog number to include lamp.
Lens Gasket: High temperature, single piece, molded silicone rubber.
Lens: Clear, convex, high temperature tempered glass.
Safety: Underwriters Laboratories Listed for underwater application.
Optional: Colored lenses – red, blue, green, amber, and turquoise available.

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