F Vault

Model Numbers


Type and Tank Size

Sand 18”
Sand 24”
Sand 30”
Cartridge 50SF
Cartridge 80SF
Cartridge 120SF
Cartridge 160SF
Cartridge 200SF
Cartridge 300SF
Cartridge 450SF

Not all options are available in certain vault configurations. For equipment specification data, or configuration and design assistance, contact us at (512)392-1155 or email us at design@fountainpeople.com.


Standard Features:
• Heavy-duty FRP enclosure with 2” floor drain.
• Structurally engineered and certified for in-ground installation.
• Forced air ventilation system.
• Pressure and vacuum gauges.
• Lockable lid with lock-open arm, stainless steel lock hasp, and stainless steel hinge.
• Stainless steel anchors and tie-down cables.

Optional Features:
• Stainless steel floor door.
• ‘Pop-up’ UL Listed control panel for full system control.
• Automatic sump pump.
For equipment specification data or design assistance, contact us at (512)392-1155
or design@fountainpeople.com.

The F Vault is a full top access unit designed to provide high pump performance with minimum frills. It is ideal for high volume installations with limited budgets. Recommended for use with Fountain People Basin Suction Strainers (see pgs. 75-76).

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