Lumen Spot™

Product Description

The Lumen Spot™ is a versatile compact fixture suitable to a wide range of lighting tasks.


Housing: 20 gauge deep drawn stainless steel, gas filled and permanently sealed. Circuit board and lamp bases are totally encapsulated in a heat-dissipating epoxy compound to
prevent moisture intrusion.
Mounting: Available with yoke and base mounting (YK), riser mounting ®, or bracket mounting (BR).
Lens: 3/16” thick, tempered glass.
Lamps: (156) LED with 15° beam angle.
Lamp Colors: The lamp mix and distribution of red, green, and blue diodes is designed to maximize lumen output through over 16 million color variations.
Color Capabilities: Fades and multi-color strobe using CLED Series Controllers (See pg. 56).
Power Connection: Furnished with thirty feet of Type STOW submersible non-wicking cable with IP68 waterproof connector.
Power: 14 VDC.

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