Manufactured vaults save time, money, and space.

Easy Installation:
• Vaults are EASY to install. They are pre-plumbed, pre-wired, and factory tested before they arrive at the job site.

Cost-Effective Installation:
• Because the equipment arrives on the jobsite completely assembled, installation costs are lower. Vault can be located close to the water feature thereby minimizing piping and conduit runs. Contractors are able to provide more accurate bids.
• Vaults eliminate the need for equipment rooms and save valuable commercial space.

Easy to maintain:
• White Gel Coated Interiors
• Wall Mounted Maintenance Procedures for all Equipment
• Hose and Hose Bib Provided with All Water Fill Stations

Heavy-duty durable vaults are designed for full hydrostatic load:
• All Structural vaults are designed and manufactured to withstand full hydrostatic load. Installation drawings are provided, signed and sealed by a licensed structural engineer.

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