Quality Assurance Policy

Fountain People, Inc. Quality Assurance program is based on the understanding that product provided to our customers will maintain a consistency of quality to provide customer satisfaction at all times, while at the same time providing on-time delivery and competitive pricing. We are committed to meeting the requirements of ISO 9001, continual improvement and meeting customer expectations for design, product, quality, technical support and delivery.

The quality policy outlined in the company Quality manual is intended to fulfill the above as well as comply with the specified government and customer quality requirements.

The Quality Assurance department shall have direct responsibility for providing the definition, coordination and continual monitoring of our program, but it shall be understood that support of and contribution to Fountain People, Inc. Quality Assurance shall be the responsibility of all employees of the company. The operating procedures outlined for each department are written to assure compliance with our Quality Management System, and therefore all departments share in the responsibility of the success of this program.

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